Chicken wrap (chicken, cheese, pineapple, paprika, pickled onion, salad mix, garlic sauce, sweet chilli, tortilla) 4€/6€
Salami wrap (salami, cheese, cucumber, paprika, pickled onion, salad mix, garlic sauce, sweet chilli, tortilla) 4€/6€
Tuna wrap (tuna, cheese, tomato, paprika, pickled onion, salad mix, garlic sauce, sweet chilli, tortilla) 4€/6€(Only in Supeluse restaurant)
Feta wrap (feta, cheese, pickled onion, cucumber, tomat0, paprika, salad mix, herb oil, sweet chilli, tortilla) 4,5€/6,5€
Bacon wrap (bacon, cheese, pickled onion, paprika, cucumber, salad mix, garlic sauce, sweet chilli, tortilla) 5€/7,5€
Salmon wrap (baked salmon, cheese, boiled egg, pickled onion, paprika, salad mix, garlic sauce, sweet chilli, tortilla) 5€/7,5€ (Only in Supeluse restaurant)
Falafel wrap (falafel, cheese, tomat, cucumber, pickled onion, salad mix, garlic sauce, sweet chilli, tortilla) 4€/6€
Teriyaki chicken wrap (pulled teriyaki chicken, cheese, paprika, tomato, pickled onion, salad mix, garlic sauce, chilli mayonnaise,  sweet chilli, tortilla) 4,5€/6,5€

Extras for wraps, poke salads and burgers

fried egg, boiled egg, jalopeno, pepperoni, pineapple, blue cheese, pickled onion, cheese, feta, extra sauce 0,5€

bacon, chicken, salami, salmon, tuna, falafel, teriyaki chicken 1€

You can also change the ingredients!

Poke salads

Teriyaki chicken poke  (pulled teriyaki chicken, rice, salad mix, red cabbage, avocado, soy beans, cherry tomato, sesame seeds, chilli mayonnaise) 6€

Salmon poke (marinated salmon, rice, salad mix, red cabbage, avocado, soy beans, sesame seeds, tartar sauce) 6,5€ (Only in Supeluse restaurant)

Vegan poke (rice, avocado, salad mix, red cabbage, soy beans, cucumber, cherry tomato, sesame seeds, herb oil) 4,5€



Kid’s meal (sausages, french fries, salad, sauce) 4

Chicken nuggets meal (homemade chicken nuggets, french fries, salad, garlic sauce) 4,50€/6,50€

Fish and Chips (cod in beer batter, french fries, pepperoni paprika, salad, tartar sauce) 5€/7,5€


Beef burger (100% beef 180g, bacon, pickled onion, cheddar, tomato, salad mix, tomato sauce, garlic sauce, bun) 7€

Teriyaki chicken burger (pulled teriyaki chicken, fried cheese, salad mix, tomato, pickled onion, garlic sauce, chilli mayonnaise, bun) 5,5€

Cheeseburger (100% beef 90g, cucumber relish, cheddar, tomato sauce, garlic sauce, bun) 3,5€

Hot Dogs

Poisi Eine Classic (grilled sausage, cucumber relish, mustard, ketchup, hot dog bun) 3€ (Only in Supeluse and Beach restaurant)



French fries 2€
Sweet potato fries 4€
Falafel snacks 4€
Garlic‐cheese breads 2€ (Only in Supeluse restaurant) 
Crispy onion rings 2,50€ (Only in Supeluse restaurant) 
Chicken nuggets 4,5€
Jalapeno-cheddar snacks 4,5€
Mozzarella sticks 4€
Dumplings with sour cream 2,50€



Homemade chocolate‐brownie 2
Kama mousse 2,5€ (Only in Supeluse restaurant) 




Have you ever wondered where to celebrate your birthday but don’t exactly know how and where?

We offer you rooms for rent with catering or we will cover the  table  at your party place according to your wishes!

Poisi Eine offers catering in cooperation with Medium Rare and Fööniks chef Sergei Tšekmarjov. You can see pictures of the work FROM HERE

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